I am curious to know what brought you here. Was it the colors, the shapes, the lines, the composition, the originality, the simplicity?   Was it because the whimsical images made you laugh or smile? Perhaps you are a lover of glass and recognize a similar piece that you, yourself, own?

Whatever your reasons, I would be pleased if you shared them with me and others in the comments section for each picture.

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Your interpretation of each picture is correct. Your view is as good as mine, the artist.

A visual idea as opposed to a mental idea, is emotion based. You bring to it what you are feeling at the moment. If your feelings change, your read of a picture may change.

My artwork, by design, is simple and accessible. I trust that you will find it pleasing. The titles of each piece are merely takeoff points. Some people love titles and others disregard them. Feel free to offer your own titles for the work in the comment section of each piece.


It is a glorious morning in northern Westchester, NY. The sun is shining and there are only a few puffy clouds. I am in my outdoor studio. The day before, I had spent considerable time selecting choice pieces of glass and metal from several rooms housing my vast collection. Over the years the number has grown as a result of hundreds of visits to thrift shops.

With the help of my trusted aide, we construct the sets in which the glass and metal props are placed. Every image that I have created starts its life in this way. The sun is the magic ingredient.

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